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Here are a few pics from a recent custom ebike build out.

My goal in this build was to integrate the components as best I could into the bike while trying to re-use pieces I had lying around my shop. For example, the controller is housed in a painted tupperware dish (directly behind the seat post). I did make one update to this as soon as the Seattle rain started. I purchased a triangle bag and cut the bottom out for a shell to cover the battery from rain.

Details about the kit

The most advanced hub motor technology available (read more)

2 different gears, a high and a low, which you shift with a gear switch.

Small diameter (5 inches) fits behind disk brake for stealth

2 forms of gear reduction/ one for climbing one for high speed

Super high torque (50 newton meters)

Luna Cycle Full Color Advanced Display

Temperature sensing protection system for reliability at high power

Quick connect higo waterproof connectors for ease of installation and easy repair.

Tiny 20 amp sine wave controller custom made for Luna Cycle and this motor.

Compatible with 48 and 52 volt battery

Width: rear axle for 145mm dropouts, front axle for 110mm dropouts (must be willing to spread your dropouts, requires a steel frame)

6.5 pounds (very light weight for hub motor)

Double Gear / Double Torque Motor Kit purchased here – Luna Cycles

I’ve put almost 1,500 hilly west seattle miles on this kit since buying it 9 months ago and it has performed great. The low-end torque gets me and my daughter (tow bike pic) to school every morning. And when I’m not towing her around, I strap on an old burley bike trailer and head out to the farmers market along with filling it up while grocery shopping. I’ve been cycle commuting for 12 years now and the hills of Seattle can get a bit brutal for a daily rider. I’ll never go back to a stock bike for commuting as long as I have these hills to battle. Highly recommend this set-up if you have a similar scenario.


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