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Greenhouse Build

Updated: May 31, 2019

Every year I grow a slew of hot pepper to feed my addiction of spice and everything nice and hot!!!

And I recently purchased a legit greenhouse after many years of sub-par / DIY solutions.

Before graduating to this, I’ve used my Van, laundry / living room (until the wife got sick of flying ants that were emerging from the soil). Hell one year I even made one out of a roll of ploy, some found wood, duct tape and rope.

I even went as far as building a heater by putting a water heater that farmers use to keep their cattle water troughs free from freezing into a 5 gallon bucket in the center of my plastic hut. Turned out consistent steam doesn’t work as well as actual heat. Turned everything into mush.

Over the years I’ve tried and tried to make it work and finally took the leap to big boy status.

My hot pepper are gonna love this…


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