Lawless forge is a team building event experience, located in SoDo Seattle, where you can "be a blacksmith for a day." The studio was seeing an uptick in bookings and wanted to take the original branding mark out of a start-up look and into a more professional direction that represented the experience offered to the public.

Role: Principal Designer 

Deliverables: Brand Identity | swag

Nicholas Nelson Branding Marketing Designer Lawless Forge Seattle

My creative process starts with getting to know more about the blacksmithing. I booked a spot in a class with10 others to experience Lawless Forge first hand. We started with a half horseshoe and were walked through the steps of turning it into a functional knife. Taking the class I learned the fundamentals and backstory of the craft including what type of hammers are used, how to handle them and the origins the of an anvil. Additionally, being able to be involved in the user's experience and perform the ethnographic research left me fully enlightened on the subject. 

Once direction of the initial hand sketches were green lighted,10 digital roughs were presented to the client. After several conversations and face-to-face meetings a solid direction started to emerge and we landed on the final look.  

The final mark was put to use in a handful of applications. From exterior signage, interior paneling, digital ads and Airbnb experiences to branded apparel

Actively seeking branding and marketing design opportunities. Let’s create something great together!

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