Islands to Highlands is a brand for the travelers. The adventure, the ones that want to feel the cool breeze of exploration on their back, while toasting the good life from a remote island in the tropics.  


From travel inspired bracelets to apparel dripping with island vibes, Islands to Highlands brand was born out of a love for the journey. 
The romance of uncharted territory and a swagger for looking
good while doing it.  

Role: Principal Designer 

Deliverables: Brand Strategy | Brand Identity | Visual Identity System | Brand System Guidelines | Campaign Development

Leave your suit and tie at home. The Islands to Highlands identity comes from a relaxed, "take it easy" set of rules.


No ego here please. 

Islands to Highlands visual identity system consists of island and travel inspired imagery. With big bold visuals and a color pallet born from the beach. The brand identity system was developed using a web-based delivery system to house everything. Structured in a way that makes sense in a user-friendly, web-based portal. When working with partners and vendors, a simple link is sent with the communication to inform printers, fabricators and event planners with all the information needed to produce branded materials, consistent with the Islands to Highlands identity standards.

Nicholas Nelson Branding Marketing Designer Islands to Highlands brand guidelines
Nicholas Nelson Branding Marketing Designer Islands to Highlands business cards

Brand Ambassadors help provide positive word of mouth. When people are out using your product publicly it gets the conversation going. This was our main driver to develop a strategy for a Social Media Campaign. We targeted brand ambassadors and influencers by offering incentives and rewards for interacting with the Islands to Highlands brand. 

Nicholas Nelson Branding Marketing Designer Islands to Highlands social media

In partnership with Expedia and Megatouch game systems, we launched an interactive awareness campaign. The goal was to get the word out about the Islands to Highlands brand and increase visits to the site. We ran this campaign for 1 month and increased traffic by 250%.

At the core of Islands to Highlands lives the drive to outfit the adventurers at heart. To give them quality gear with style and personality. Whether you are out on the trail or toes in the sand, ItoH has what you need to feel and look good doing it.

Nicholas Nelson Branding Marketing Designer Islands to Highlands social media
Nicholas Nelson Branding Marketing Designer Islands to Highlands apparel

Client Feedback

Over the past few years I have worked with Nicholas off and on and I would like to commend him on his design skills, knowledge, his versatility and his approach to work. His design repertoire is self-evident and he brings that knowledge to the table each and every day. He also has an innate need to improve process and procedure which is very crucial in the “open” design world we work in. I have also utilized Nicholas’ expertise in marketing and branding for recent initiatives which has been very beneficial. I am very impressed with the skill set and he continues to surprise me with what he brings to the table. I would highly recommend him on any endeavor he pursues.


Robert Runnells

Actively seeking branding and marketing design opportunities.
Let’s create something great together!

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