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Hey there, I’m Nicholas! 👋


From a very young age, I’ve been a curious little bugger. That kid that would take things apart so that I could see what was going on inside. I had an innate curiosity that pushed me to try and understand the why and the how. From things like boomboxes to RC cars, I’d open them up and spread them all over the living room, searching for answers.  


This led me down a long road as a creative problem solver. 

After graduating from the Art Institute of Minnesota, I left the Midwest with my compass tacked west towards California. I traded my boat for an old beat-up car and headed out with a backpack and my portfolio; yes there was a time when we carried those big bulky binders—not online. 

For the next 15 years, I traveled up the west coast living in every major city from San Diego to Seattle working as a designer in studios, agencies, and creative firms. And as of recent, my journey has led me to the beautiful country of Portugal.


Learn and grow every day is my mantra.

Over the past years, I’ve studied professionally in Graphic Design, UX, Design Management, Branding, Marketing, and Presentation Design. Right now I’m working as a Creative Director for a SaaS company and learning new things everyday. If you run into a problem (which you will), learn from it progress in a growth. Everything has a lesson.


Feel free to reach out whenever you’d like!

Let’s make something great together. 

Things that keep me going

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