Lawless forge is a team building event experience located in SoDo Seattle where you can "be a blacksmith for a day" with a groups of friends, family, or colleagues where you essentially make your own forged metal work.

The studio was seeing an uptick in bookings and wanted to take the original branding mark out of a start-up look and into a more professional look that represented the experience Lawless offered to the public. 


Re-branding for Seattle based experience destination.

Design from concept to completion.
I started by attending a class of 10 as a passive participant of a group that went through the process of making a knife starting from a half horseshoe and observed the behavior of the users, lingo being used by the teachers and a general ethnographic research of the participants. 
Armed with user observations and a general understanding of what blacksmithing is, I started researching the who, what, when where and why on the history of the industry. From that, I started creating mood boards based on a few directions I planned on moving forward with. From that, I moved to the sketch book and put down anything and everything I could think of in pencil. Which resulted in 10 or so strong candidates for future discovery. 
These initial concepts were presented to the client for gut level feedback and interpretation. The question I ask at this stage is "do any of these have legs"? Meaning, can you see the starts of something here. And is there any potential of a connection with your vision and what I'm showing you here today? The short answer most times is a combination of elements and constructs of which a foundation is started for the heart of the brand mark.

Once direction of the initial hand sketches got the green light all around, a digital exploration started which resulted in 10 digital roughs which were presented to the client. After a handful of conversations and face-to-face meetings, the figure within the marble started to emerge and we landed on the final look. 


Final logo mark in digital format sized for uses ranging from 1" stamp to 10' template for painting on studio wall. This is an on-going project that will be now focusing in on increasing the user experience from a digital and in-person perspective. 

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Nicholas Nelson 2020