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Prototype of Interactive RFP pitch for a Fortune 100 company

Design from concept to completion.


One long and nervously anticipated month later we got the call that we won the account and this method of delivery lived on happily ever after within the new business development department of the agency. 

An agency I was working for was in competition for wining the business of a global Fortune 100 company and made it to the second round of the RFP process. The leader of the New Business department was preparing a meeting with the client
in London and gathering assets for the pitch meeting.

My role with the company was lead design of the new business department, thus in charge of visuals/experience of packages distributed in the RFP process and beyond. Upon reviewing the scope of the prospective contract we were looking to secure, I did an inventory of the capability and marketing materials that were slotted to be presented to the client.


My intuition told me that we were off the mark with our materials and we would be over shadowed by our competitors short listed for the account. I presented a solution to our team that would elevate our presence and give us the competitive edge over everyone else. My vision was to move from the traditional spiral bound printed package and do a ground-up development of a new format showcasing our capabilities in a digital interactive mobile format that would take users down a curated path highlighting the agencies offerings.




Each participant in the pitch meeting received a Galaxy tablet (to also keep after the presentation) with a pre-loaded interactive presentation loaded. Our rep then presented to the group and walked everyone through our capabilities using the tablet presentation as a tool to allow individual discovery along with a leave behind for further consideration.


Due to NDA I am not able to show the original that was presented to the client.

Previewed here is a prototype rebuilt of the presentation using my resume for content.


Digital Interactive prototype presentation created for Android tablet using Mag+ and Adobe InDesign.
Presented on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and self filmed with Android Phone. 

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