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Our team was working on a pitch to bring on Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) as a client. At this time CBA managed 4 beer brands and our agency wanted to partner with them for all their branded merchandise, ecommerce and retail programs. Starting with a RFP, we brought the client on-site to the agency for an in-person pitch and facilities tour.

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For the RFP, we didn’t want to just hand them another stack of papers and say we’re the best. We wanted to wow them and present a packaged presentation showcasing the agency's capabilities and desire to go the extra mile. Our aim was to entice the client to come on-site for meet-and-great tour where we could show them the entire operation.

A handful of ideas later we landed on a concept that spoke to the client's industry. Beer! Then created a custom built box to house the handles along with the RFP which sat underneath the handles.

Photo credit: Mike Wilson

After delivery of the RFP we learned that we were shortlisted and the client was interested in an on-site tour. The team and I started brainstorming a connected theme that could be applied throughout all marketing assets and tour. The first of which was a printed pitch book and digital mock-ups.


The client tour was designed with multiple touch-points that visited areas around the agency's headquarters. Each department along the tour wore themed t-shirts and name tags. Sprinkled along the tour was curated stops for some 1:1 with department heads. During which we poured the clients beer into branded glasses.

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