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RFP Pitch for new business proposal

To make an impact on the client in the delivery of an RFP. We didn’t want to just hand them another stack of papers and say we’re the best. We wanted to wow them and present a packaged presentation representing our desire to go the extra mile. The second piece was to entice the client to come on-site for meet-and-great and tour where we could showcase our capabilities and give them a taste of what it would be like to work with us.

After concepting a handful of ideas and pitching to my team, we decided to source tap handles and have them custom made per our specs with messaging that reflected our desire to work together.


I then created a custom built  box to house the handles along with the RFP. Once the RFP was delivered and the client committed to an on-site tour, I then put a team together and directed the execution of a branded tour with our executive team and the clients.




A client tour complete with multiple touch point and theme was executed. Included in the tour was the creation of name tags and t-shirts that every department on the tour wore. In addition we created curated tour stops that included; branded beer glasses which was given to each participant along with a note taking booklet designed to look like a “tasting card”, branded signage and marketing materials.


At the completion of the tour, all departments included in the tour met in the lobby wearing the branded t-shirts and we gave a toast to the client with their product in hand.


Photo credit: Mike Wilson

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